Adjustable pads

Interior of the modern bathroom 3D

This type of installation is ideal for terraces and covering an existing coating. Installation on studs allows drainage and creates a free and usable space to hide irrigation systems and electrical cables. These facilities will therefore be readily available for inspection or repair.

Through an independent structure that is modular and removable, the raised floor offers the possibility to frequently transform a space with ease without damaging the surface.

This system of pads that are adjustable to the millimeter, up to almost 3 feet in height, support more than 1000 kg per pad. It can compensate for up to 5% of extended or ?? uneven slope up to the same percentage. Once the pads are set to the required height, their position is secured with unique locking keys.

The pads and accessories are specially designed to adapt to ground or roof applications, from prestigious and highly aesthetic projects to industrial or specific applications.

The pads are made of 78% recycled polypropylene and are therefore 100% recyclable.